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Faculty of Education

Dear students,

The mission of the IUS Faculty of Education (FEDU) is to improve education in terms of teaching, research, and services.


We strive to actualize the creative, critical, and knowledge-based potential of our students. FEDU provides knowledge and training to future teachers whose skills, knowledge, ethical values would promote the broad educational, social, civil and economic development of the graduate’s home countries.


Assoc. Prof.
Dr. Almasa Mulalić

FEDU’s vision is to place teaching, learning, research, and services at the center of all study programs. We strive to educate creative and critical-thinking teachers who nationally and internationally will passionately work to advance education processes and policies.

The teaching process at the Faculty of Education is organized through an integrated study of the first and the second study cycle, as well as the third study cycle. The faculty offers an interdisciplinary approach to teaching, learning, and research.

Associate Professor Dr. Almasa Mulalić

Dean of the Faculty of Education

Faculty of Education

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The Dean's Office is responsible for providing central services to students and departments relevant to Faculty operations as well as assisting the Faculty Council in carrying out its duties.

Faculty of Education

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Faculty of Education

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."
Nelson Mandela