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ELIT/ELT Guest Lecture: IUS ELS Director on Boosting Employability as English Language Teacher

On Friday, November 10, 2023, English Language and Literature (ELIT) and English Language and Literature, Teaching (ELT) study programs organized a guest lecture within the Teaching Practice course. The lecturer was IUS English Language School (ELS) Director Ms. Hilal Karić, who delivered a lecture titled “How to Boost Your Employability as an English Language Teacher”.

During her speech, Ms. Karić explained how in a rapidly globalizing world, the demand for English language teachers remains strong. However, the competition in the field is also fierce. English language teachers are required to continuously upgrade their skills and knowledge to remain employable and effective in the classroom.

Students had a chance to learn more how to truly excel as an English language teacher, mastering the paramount skills like confidence, public speaking, and calmness. These abilities will not only enhance their employability but also transform their future classrooms into a hub of effective learning.

Ms. Karić provided invaluable insights on crafting effective CVs for job applications. She emphasized the importance of a well-structured CV that highlights essential details. Ms. Karić also stressed the significance of listing relevant skills, experience, and education in a clear and organized manner. Furthermore, she underlined the most important skills and values that future teachers need in order to make their classes productive and fun.

With this lecture, students had the opportunity to emphasize the importance of continuous self-improvement, reminding them that the journey of learning and growth never ends. Mrs. Karić also reminded them that evolving as educators is not only a professional duty but a personal commitment to their students' success.